Security Cameras

Security Cameras are proven to keep buildings safer and more secure than ones without. In the case that the building is compromised, our cameras will make sure that eyes are on the intruder. We take great pride in installing cameras because we give confidence to business owners about not only their safety but integrity and the safety of their employees as well. We will educate you throughout an install of what angles, areas, and the potential "hot-spots" could be. Security Cameras can be used anywhere from Home Use, Day Cares/ Child Care Centers, Doctors' Offices, Restaurants, Gas Stations, or ANY business that needs an extra set of eyes. Our Security Cameras can be setup locally with limited acces (only the owner or designated person is allowed to view the video feed) or we can configure the camera system with local unrestricted access (multiple designated people can view the video feeds). We can even setup the system for remote access with limited or unrestricted access. Whatever the needs are for the business, we can guarantee to meet those needs. We strive to keep you safer and more secure and we all stand behind that!

Computer Maintenance/ Virus Prevention

omputer maintenance is vital in today's society. Having a good maintenance routine is a great practice to keep your personal computers running at their very best even if they are a bit out-dated. We also replace LCD panels in Laptops and All-in-One Desktops. We provide the instruction and the preventative measures to keep your data safe from hardware malfuntions and data loss due to viruses and ransomware. Viruses and ransomware (like Locky and CryptoLocker) are on the top of the list when it comes to personal computer threats. Trust Us, you do not want these getting to your personal files! Not only can they compromise ALL of your data on your computer, they can also use it to make you pay a ransom to get your data back, hence the name "ransomware". We have the procedures to rid these nasty things from your computers if they do get in contact with your system but the best way is to keep them OUT before they get into your system. Come see us and ask how we can keep these things from affecting your data before its too late! 

Access Control

ccess Control can be very effective in terms of security, only if it is setup in the right way. Many companies today care about quantity of clients and not quality of work. We have a very different opinion, we provide only the industry leading standard in access control, Paxton. Paxton Access Control Systems can not only integrate with existing locks and readers, but it can also be integrated into your network. That is why we chose to use Paxton as our source for access control, because if we can make your network secure, then we can make your access control even more secure. We can integrate your existing Cameras into the Paxton system and you can manage your company, home, or both, remotely. Please ask us about an install, you will be nothing but impressed!

Wiring Projects/ Fiber Optic Termination

iring at home or the office is the basis of a network. Without wiring, your network can only be expanded so far. Wireless access points even need a wire to connect to a router. So that being said, wiring is important for a secure and stable network. We install CAT6, Fiber Optic, and any other wire that you might need for your network. We will design and engineer the best wiring plan for your home or business, and enterprise locations are not excluded, we also engineer network wiring plans for large businesses as well. Fiber Optics can also be used for very long wire runs, ones that go well beyond the length of CAT5 and CAT6. Fiber also has a very unique and delicate way of being terminated at the ends and we have the tools to do so, our fiber is currently being used in large enterprise businesses for access control and long internet connectivity. Fiber can also exceed the speed limits of CAT5 and CAT6, so if you are looking for a superspeed connection or a project calls for a special fiber pull, please let us know, we would be glad to give you more information!

Enterprise Networks

nterprise and Large Business networks call for special skill and a level of security that needs to exceed that of a personal network. We can not only provide the most secure network firewalls, but we can also setup and engineer very secure VPN's (Virtural Private Network) for large companies, the latest encryption will be implemented so that outside intruders and hackers cannot penetrate your network. Let us give you the security and confidence in your network that we have implemented at several large companies. Give us a call or shoot us an eMail and we can start on a quote Today! 

Small Business/ Personal Networks

mall business networks and personal networks can be the same in some ways but also be completely different in other ways. Most personal networks only call for 1 - 2 access points and small business networks could call for up to 10 access points. Also a small business network can reach the same level of security as an Enterprise/ Large business network, but only in special cases can you reach that in a personal network, but we would be glad to do so if need be. We specialize in small business networks because we can easily grasp the entire scope of the network as a whole and tailor it to the specific needs of the business owner.  We have very competitive prices and we would be glad to walk you through a network install and management. Don't forget to ask about how we can integrate access controls and cameras into your newly installed network!

Website Design/ Professional eMail Creation

eb design and Professional eMail account is almost a requirement in today's society if you want to grow your business and make yourselves known on the Web. As you can see we have designed our own website and we take pride in how it looks, we are a technology and data company, so we have to tailor the look to that of what we do. Also you have to keep in mind that you want to give people a great way to see who you are and what you do on various devices: computers, phones, and tablets. Our websites have a very fluid design which can be viewed on phones and tablets with ease. We will step you through getting a domain and how to access your control panel for your website. From here you will have the foundation for not only a creating a website but also setting up a professional eMail, for example: Again, we have very competitive prices with everything we do but our website prices are even more competitive. Reach out to us if you want to be know on the web!

Legacy Software/ Obsolete Hardware

egacy Software and Obsolete Hardware plays a very important role in companies from using DOS based programs to programming PLC controllers in large equipment. We have ways of integrating those programs into your network by using state of the art programs that see those unsupported devices and connects them so that you can manage them without effort. Ask us about how we can integrate old hardware into your new network!

VOIP Phone Systems

OIP Phone Systems are the new industry standard in phone communication. The prime advantages of having a working VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is #1, not being in a binding contract with phone providers, #2, being able to shop around for VOIP providers that have the best pricing that suites your needs (VOIP providers are much cheaper than a normal phone provider, MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET), #3, the VOIP phone system is integrated into your network (most of the time, each VOIP phone is connected directly to your computer, LESS WIRES, LESS MESS). Having a VOIP phone system is all around more convenient and less expensive for your business. Managing each phone and the VOIP phone server is from a webpage that can be accessed inside of your network, no more configuring the phone with the phone buttons, what a hassle that used to be. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and VOIP phone systems are a prime example of how analog communication has changed over time. Let us show you how to give your phone system a makeover so that you can impress your customers with the clearest digital signal!